Solvent and Thinner

We manufacture and supply a complete range of high quality thinners which proves to be an excellent mixing agent or solvent for a large variety of paints. These thinners are also used as a cleaning agent in various industries. Our entire range of thinners is manufactured from high quality raw materials and provides an excellent utility to varied industries. The range of thinners we offer in the markets includes the following:

Multi Purpose Thinner

Multipurpose Thinner is characterised with low viscosity, clear and water white liquid. It may be added to lacquer, Air dry alkyds and Banking Enamel reducing then to a suitable spray viscosity.

NC Thinner

NC thinner is a perfect blend of low odour and colourless mineral spirits which are used for thinning of various oil-based paints. Our NC thinners when mixed with the paint assist in enhancing it's quick drying property and finish.

PU Thinner

PU Thinner is mainly used for the thinning of PU paints. These thinners increase the quick drying, water resistant and corrosion free properties of the PU paint due to the added polyurethane polymers into its composition.