Nitrocellulose(NC) is a single component product which can be dried by solvent evaporetion. It can resist heat, water and alcohol. The advantages of NC is that it is easy to apply, dry and easy to recoat or repair.

NC Sealer is a single pack nitrocellulose based sanding sealer with good flow, good filling property, fast sanding and excellent adhesion.

NC Lacquer is a single pack nitrocellulose based lacquer with fast drying, good build, and short recoating time, smooth surface and excellent adhesion.

These coatings are specially formulated for furniture and other indoor wooden equipment for protective and decorative purposes.

Acid Catalyzed

Acid-Catalysed Lacquer(AC) is a solvent based product which has an excellent hardness, solvent resistance and hold up properties.

AC Sealer has an excellent chemical and solvent resistance, heat resistance, easy sanding properties and fast drying character.

Ac Lacquer has an excellent chemical, solvent and heat resistance, excellent hardness and scratch resistance character. It is also highly durable with an excellent stress crack resistance.

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Polyurethance (PU)

Polyurethane (PU) is a solvent based wood coating that has an excellent resistance against heat, water, chemicals and abrasion. It used in the finishing of interior furniture, doors, cabinets and other high-end wood or furniture products.

PU Sealer is highly solid polyurethane with fast sanding time and an excellent hold up properties. It has excellent chemical solvent and heat resistance and easy sanding properties.

PU Lacquer is highly solid polyurethane with an excellent flow and smoothness while exhibiting a hard flexible film and good chemical, heat and solvent resistance when fully cured.

NGR Stain

NGR Stain is widely use on high grade furniture.NGR Stain was developed to replace old-fashioned water stains, and to overcome the disadvantages of slow drying and gain rising of wood fibre caused by the penetration of water.NGR stains are relatively permanent and are formulated in a wide range of intense and brilliant colours. They dry rapidly, do not raise the wood fibres and do not cover up the wood grain.

It is suitable for staining, shading or toning purpose.

Bleaching Agent

We produce two type of bleaching products, which are Solvent Based and Water Based Bleaching Agent. Both bleaching products are designed to remove the natural colour from bare wood.

It is ideal for bleaching wood to lighten and even up the variation of colour in wood. Therefore, a whiter and uniform appearance can be achieved during staining and wood finishing.

Wiping Stain

Wiping stain is composed of finely ground pigment in a vehicle consisting of various hydrocarbon solvents such as naphtha, mineral spirits, etc. Wiping stains are characterized with fast drying, more brilliant in colours and better working properties. It is a pigmented wiping stain to emphasize wood grain pattern or design details. The colour and clarity are partially controlled by method of application and wiping off. Wiping stains can be sprayed, brushed, and dipped satisfactorily.

It is ideal for interior application on solid woods and wood veneers.

Wood Putty

Water-based (WB) and quick drying Solvent-based (SB) Putty is good for repairing minor defects on timber surfaces. It is suitable for filling nail holes, cracks etc. in timber furniture, paneling and other woodwork prior to finishing process.

Water Based (Indoor)

Water Based coatings is an environment-friendly coatings. It is characterized as non-flammable and toxic free coating material.

Consist of a premium quality water based product that give texture effect, or for wooden floor substrate that require extremely durable finishing.

All products are formulated either for factory or DIY application featuring fast drying, short recoat time and minimum grain raising.

Water Based

Outdoor Water Based products are specially formulated for application on exterior wod to provide protection and decoration. It is unique formula provide an effective treatment against fungus grow and harsh weather.

It is also more environmental friendly and non flammable compare to solvent based system.

Teak Oil

Teak Oil is a single pack clear or pigmented solvent based wood preservatives and protective coatings. It applied on wood substrates for protection of exterior furniture from non cracking, non-blistering, non peeling and anti fungus while retaining the natural wood appearance.

The UV absorbers in this product provide protection from UV radiation. The high durability and weather fastness makes it the natural choice for wood coating protection.

It is designed for exterior furniture or garden furniture and other timber surfaces.


For all the pigmented sealer, lacquer and stain, we have custom match colour to suite every customer needs.