Team Profile

See Beng Yeaw

The founder and Managing Director of Lycora Sdn Bhd, has been in this line of businesses for more than 16 years. He oversees overall Management, Marketing and Research and Development department of the business. Continuously exploring new markets, new products and technologies to enhance Lycora's business is his main job functions. Besides, maintaining and enhancing the quality of our products is also one of the core functions the he will never overlook in order to maintain the existing customers as well as sourcing new customers.

By in-depth studies of the market behavior and technologies advancement, he would be able to foreseen the future growth and path of Lycora.

Hwang Cheng Kiong

Mr.Hwang Cheng Kiong is the Finance Director of Lycora Sdn Bhd. His added advantage was his key weapon of accumulated 20 years experiences in managing finance in every aspect of the business.He managed the whole Finance Department for Lycora Sdn Bhd. His main job functions are to ensure the company has an effective and efficient collection and payment system.

As he commented "Every Finance department is the key survivor of the business in today challenging market conditions, by managing well the cash floe of our business, we could compete better and get better opportunity when times come".


Company Organization Structure

Technician Organization Structure