Advance Production System

Our company has always focused on continuous research and developement to enhance our products superiority. Our research and developement department are well-equipped with the most effective coating system to suit the various manufacturing requirement.

Besides, our advance Coating System application would enable the furniture manufacturers to increase their production volumes and at the same time maintaining the quality of their products. The advance coating system with a wide choice of colours and textures provides the competitive advantage to furniture manufacturing business.

Quality Control

To ensure our customers receive high quality products and services from our company, we have developed our own stringent quality products control in our entire operation process which was leaded by our Managing Director, Mr.See Beng Yeaw and are further supported by a team of experienced personnel.

We have deploys a team of highly quality skilled and dedicated personnel using sophisticated and high tech machinery and equipments to maintain high standards in our production process. Our main responsibility is to ascertainat that our company produces high quality and consistently reliable wood coating products at all the times.

We have adopted an aggresive in-house testing, ensuring high quality raw materials and equipment are used and pre-delivery checking in order to assured the quality of our products prior delivery to our customers.

Achieving Customers Satisfaction

With the assistance of experienced technical personnel and management, it has facilitated us to attend and meeting the tough prompt delivery schedule and enormous colours matching requirements by our customers.

Besides, our production team are well prepared for quick responses from initial request for colour matching through orders placed and prompt products deliveries. We have our own transportation in order to ensure prompt deliveries to our customers at any times of the day.

Continuous Support

By achieving customers satisfaction, we have maintained a good relationship with our customers and suppliers. This has assured the growth of our business via continuous support from our valued customers and suppliers.

Commitment To Safety, Health And Environment

Constantly strives to improve workplace safety, workers' protection, and environmental compliance is our responsibility. All raw materials used by us are lead free and we process our waste to reduce the hazard it may arise to our environment.

Our by-products are carefully disposed off to ensure a safe environment and to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Our company are dedicated to work closely with local communities and regulators in all of our markets to ensure that our operations are safe and secure, while upholding the highest level of honesty, integrity and social responsibility.

Products Testing

Following by the increasing corporate social responsibility reporting, we have submitted our products for independent verification of the content of our products against the international standards, so as to demonstrate our company commitment to our customers and stakeholders.

also ensures that all social and environmental information published is accurate and correct.