Since its establishment, Lycora Sdn Bhd has become a forerunner in a lively developing and constantly growing Wood Coatings Manufacturer with outstanding expertise in finishing products particularly for Furniture and Wood Working Industries. Our core business activity is to carry out our business as a trader, manufacturer and supplier of wood coatings, paint solvent, thinner, lacquer, glaze and other incidential chemical products.

We understand that every customer has their own unique requirements. Therefore, we are always attentive and steadfast in providing customers with the right quality and a complete system, which combine integrated technical know-how with flexibility, ease and speed of the application process, as well as effective protection, durability and beautifying, which are all equally important.

Inventing in Research and Development of our products in this competitive market place is important in meeting the changing requirements of a global market as a whole. Our Production department are to ensure that raw materials are carefully selected and conform to international standards.

Our objective is to provide a"wide spectrums of consistence quality, high performance, innovative products"in order to achieve our customers' satisfaction and to deliver"Technical know how"knowledge's to our customers through close cooperation and dedication.